Pin-Up Girl, A Celebration of Woman's Curves

Pernah mendengar ‘pin-up girl’?

Pin-up girl yang juga populer dengan istilah ‘cheescake’ dan sudah menjadi bagian dari budaya pop sepanjang masa ini adalah model yang difoto dengan gaya khas, yang umumnya menonjolkan sex-appeal perempuan.    

Awalnya, foto tersebut dibuat sebagai sisipan di majalah yang bisa disobek/ dilepas untuk ditempel di dinding.  Produksinya lalu meluas dalam berbagai media (korek api, mug, ilustrasi iklan, bahkan badan pesawat).

Pin-up girl selanjutnya berkembang menjadi karya seni lukis dan gambar.  Banyak artist yang kemudian dikenal karyanya lewat lukisan pin-up girl, seperti Enoch Bolles, Gil Elvgren, Art Frahm dan George Petty.  Artist lainnya, yang masih aktif berkarya sampai sekarang, adalah Olivia De Berardinis; dikenal lewat pin-up girl Bettie Page dan kontribusinya di majalah Playboy.

Sebagai obyek seni, perempuan di era kejayaan pin-up girl bereaksi 50-50.  Mereka yang mengapresiasi menganggap pin-up girl sebagai bentuk penghargaan terhadap kecantikan/ keindahan perempuan.  Sedangkan mereka yang menolak, sudah tentu, menganggapnya sebagai pelecehan yang merendahkan perempuan.

 Terlepas dari kontroversinya, saya menyukai pin-up girl lebih karena keindahannya sebagai karya seni vintage, selain juga semangat yang merayakan kecantikan perempuan sehat berlekuk, bukan stereotype perempuan kurus :) 
 Berikut beberapa pin-up girl artist dan karya-karyanya yang sempat saya ikuti dan kagumi:

1.     Enoch Bolles (3 March 1883 – 16 March 1976)

Selain sebagai pin-up artist, Bolles bekerja di advertising agency dan dikenal dengan ilustrasi iklannya untuk berbagai produk, mulai dari roti sampai rokok.  Salah satu karyanya yang ikonik adalah “Windy Girl” untuk Zippo, yang kemudian re-issued sebagai “Vargas Windy Girl” dan dibuat dalam 100 versi koleksi Zippo.

2.   Gil Elvgren (March 15, 1914 – February 29, 1980)

Elvgren adalah salah satu pin-up girl artist dan ilustrator terkenal di abad 20 dengan beberapa klien besar, seperti Coca Cola Company dan General Electric.  Namun, karyanya yang terus dikenal sampai sekarang adalah ilustrasi 12 halaman kalender Brown & Bigelow.

3.  George Petty (April 27, 1894 – July 21, 1975)

George Brown Petty IV dikenal sebagai ilustrator untuk centerfold spread di majalah Esquire.  Ciri khas karyanya adalah menonjolkan kecantikan kaki jenjang perempuan.  Ilustrasi fenomenal Petty di antaranya adalah ‘Petty Girls’, yang dilukis di badan pesawat perang pada masa Perang Dunia II, Memphis Belle.

4.  Art Frahm (1907–1981)

Salah satu pin-up artist lainnya yang memiliki ciri khas adalah Frahm.  Seniman Amerika ini dikenal dengan karyanya “Ladies In Distress”, menggambarkan perempuan dengan barang belanjaan di tangan yang berekspresi kaget karena underwear-nya tiba-tiba “melorot”.
Kadang saya berpikir, apa yang menjadi inspirasinya ya, sampai menciptakan ciri demikian? ;)

5.  Joyce Ballantyne (April 4, 1918 – May 15, 2006)

Ballantyne dikenal dengan karyanya yang menjadi salah satu ikon Amerika, Coppertone Girl.  Ilustrasi iklan billboard untuk Coppertone, sebuah brand suntan lotion keluaran Merck di tahun 1959, ini dibintangi anak perempuannya sendiri, Cheri Brand.  Sebelumnya, artist yang juga kerap menjadikan dirinya sebagai model karyanya ini, bergabung bersama Gil Elvgren memproduksi ilustrasi kalender untuk Brown & Bigelow.


The Top 5 Retro Chics

I can't stand not to share my favorite looks and styles of these celebrities.
In my opinion, they're beyond stylish, they got an attitude!

Hope you guys agree with my choices :)

1.  Taylor Swift (Romantic Vintage)

Despite of all the love-drama (which is so normal for a young woman like her), I think she's honest, not only in her music, but also in her style.  And it's enough to be such a character.

2.  Gwen Stefani (Modern Vintage)

In rock-chic looks, classic looks, feminine looks, however, we always can feel her retro soul.
Mrs. Rossdale always succeed bringing retro style to the whole new level.

3.  Rihanna (Daring Retro)

She's daring!
That's one word suits to Rihanna.
Nothing hotter than high-waist short, bustier, half skin-head hairstyle, and of course, hot red lipstick.

4.  Dita Von Teese (Ultimate Retro)

Every woman can try 1950's retro looks but nobody nails it like Dita Von Teese.
Her make up, curve, hairstyle, and whole looks make me think that she's actually an ageless creature living real from that era.

5.  Scarlett Johanssen (Born Vintage)

Miss Johanssen doesn't always dress vintage.
But she just got the attitude, that makes whatever she wears looks retro :)



Shoes Celebration

I can't be more excited for this year trend of shoes!
It's bold, outspoken, free and individual! 
Despite, I found flats and low heels on the list.

Well, here they are, compiled from the top fashion&style websites:


Kitten heels are also included.
So put your chunky platform back a while.


Keep the height of your boots proportional with your whole figure and body type.


It flatters and elongates your legs.


 It makes things easier.
When you're just clueless what to wear, just put on simple cut & color outfit; wear a pair of metallic shoes. 


Make sure it's the star of your whole looks. 



The Flat Globes

Has Golden Globes event been out of date already?
Hopefully it's not too late to review the best red carpet trend in my version :)

RED.  So obvious, it will be huge in 2013!  Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Claire Danes and Marion Cotillard burned the red carpet with daring-red gowns.  Over all, I think Jennifer Lawrence most nailed it.

BLACK AND WHITE.  The prediction is proven, to see the classic B&W bold in the red carpet.  My favorite were Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen, Giuliana Rancic in Celia Kritharioti and Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier.

LACE.  Seems like see thru will remain this year.  At least Tina Fey, Rachel Weisz, and Eva Longoria agreed.

RIBSRIFFS looked so cool in Nicole Kidman and Louise Roe.  In the meantime, BRIGHT COLORS were just every where!  And seemed celebs like mint-green already! :)

Best dressed, in my opinion, was Lucy Liu in Carolina Hereera
Most of all, the appearances were just okey for me, nothing special like what happened in the last Grammy's.
Well, I hope it will be more glamorous and interesting in the next Academy Awards red carpet on February.


Sneak A Peek 2013

Time flies!

And the next destination is the fabulous 2013!

Am not such a trendy person but a bite of trends in our style won't hurt, indeed, just saying :)

So, what's gonna be hot in 2013?

According to the top 3 magz, vogue marie claire and glamour , some colors, pattern, items will be so in next year (or let's say next week ^^).  And these are my favorites:


   It helps making an illusion for our shape and emphasizing our curve.
Besides, it's so practical (match with most kind of tops), yet gives you a bold statement of vintage looks :)



 Don't forget to style it up to accentuate your body type. 
- Use verticals or simply add long necklaces to elongate your shape.

- Pick the flattering cuts, like one-shoulder or oversize tops.

- Choose fabric materials and size of stripes that fall perfectly in your body. 

 - Play it with colors and have fun! \m/

3.  BERMUDA SHORTS (or even suits)

Did you know, Bermuda shorts were created to solve a moral dilemma. In the 1940s, the island of Bermuda passed a law saying that women were not allowed to walk around with bare legs. So, knee-length shorts - worn with knee socks - were born ( Fab Sugar )

This 2012 trend will still be continuing and getting hotter in 2013.



 Be daring to match it with wedges or even pumps!


So, imagine you go diving, the colors you'll see under water is exactly what's hot in 2013:  coral, aquamarine (minty green), turquoise, white, grey, blue, yellow (with minty green, it will dominate), etc.

  In other words, pastel colors also will be back in.


 It's classic, effortlessly stylish and safe: everybody can go all-white!


I see.  This is why I should've worked out in 2012!
Well, it's time to show off your pretty abs with peek-a-boo midriffs and enjoying the envy looks from those who had laid back most all times! :D


 See thru will also be continuing to trend in 2013.

 Last but this is my most favorite, 60s style will be back in!
One-piece-dress, full skirt, high-waisted, and else; mix it up with modern touch to keep it fresh and stylish!   

So, it's time to have fun!
Be creative with your vintage wardrobe!

Or you can explore ours at Frankly Vintage :)