Sneak A Peek 2013

Time flies!

And the next destination is the fabulous 2013!

Am not such a trendy person but a bite of trends in our style won't hurt, indeed, just saying :)

So, what's gonna be hot in 2013?

According to the top 3 magz, vogue marie claire and glamour , some colors, pattern, items will be so in next year (or let's say next week ^^).  And these are my favorites:


   It helps making an illusion for our shape and emphasizing our curve.
Besides, it's so practical (match with most kind of tops), yet gives you a bold statement of vintage looks :)



 Don't forget to style it up to accentuate your body type. 
- Use verticals or simply add long necklaces to elongate your shape.

- Pick the flattering cuts, like one-shoulder or oversize tops.

- Choose fabric materials and size of stripes that fall perfectly in your body. 

 - Play it with colors and have fun! \m/

3.  BERMUDA SHORTS (or even suits)

Did you know, Bermuda shorts were created to solve a moral dilemma. In the 1940s, the island of Bermuda passed a law saying that women were not allowed to walk around with bare legs. So, knee-length shorts - worn with knee socks - were born ( Fab Sugar )

This 2012 trend will still be continuing and getting hotter in 2013.



 Be daring to match it with wedges or even pumps!


So, imagine you go diving, the colors you'll see under water is exactly what's hot in 2013:  coral, aquamarine (minty green), turquoise, white, grey, blue, yellow (with minty green, it will dominate), etc.

  In other words, pastel colors also will be back in.


 It's classic, effortlessly stylish and safe: everybody can go all-white!


I see.  This is why I should've worked out in 2012!
Well, it's time to show off your pretty abs with peek-a-boo midriffs and enjoying the envy looks from those who had laid back most all times! :D


 See thru will also be continuing to trend in 2013.

 Last but this is my most favorite, 60s style will be back in!
One-piece-dress, full skirt, high-waisted, and else; mix it up with modern touch to keep it fresh and stylish!   

So, it's time to have fun!
Be creative with your vintage wardrobe!

Or you can explore ours at Frankly Vintage :)



Kirsten Stewart Went Nude


Kristen Stewart looked so stunning in Zuhair Murad gown at the world premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part.2 in LA. The see-through-corseted-nude-color gown were so pretty, combined with the one-sided hairdo made her looked more feminine; way different from the typical Miss Stewart which often showed up with her dark-quirky-awkward style.

 I think, the affair drama has succeeded cracking up the shell and affected her style.  Hypothetically, thru the dress, she let the world see the real Kristen; which is more feminine, more vulnerable, more showing her acceptance.

How do you think? ;)


News New News!

Hi, Dearie!

image from thoroughlymodernmelly.tumblr.com

We'll be back soon, fulfilling our wardrobe with new collections.
Meanwhile, we're cleaning it out from the old ones and put some hot stuffs in our garage.
Check out to http://franklyvintage.blogspot.com/ for pretty vintage and pre-owned clothes.

Happy exploring! :)