The Top 5 Retro Chics

I can't stand not to share my favorite looks and styles of these celebrities.
In my opinion, they're beyond stylish, they got an attitude!

Hope you guys agree with my choices :)

1.  Taylor Swift (Romantic Vintage)

Despite of all the love-drama (which is so normal for a young woman like her), I think she's honest, not only in her music, but also in her style.  And it's enough to be such a character.

2.  Gwen Stefani (Modern Vintage)

In rock-chic looks, classic looks, feminine looks, however, we always can feel her retro soul.
Mrs. Rossdale always succeed bringing retro style to the whole new level.

3.  Rihanna (Daring Retro)

She's daring!
That's one word suits to Rihanna.
Nothing hotter than high-waist short, bustier, half skin-head hairstyle, and of course, hot red lipstick.

4.  Dita Von Teese (Ultimate Retro)

Every woman can try 1950's retro looks but nobody nails it like Dita Von Teese.
Her make up, curve, hairstyle, and whole looks make me think that she's actually an ageless creature living real from that era.

5.  Scarlett Johanssen (Born Vintage)

Miss Johanssen doesn't always dress vintage.
But she just got the attitude, that makes whatever she wears looks retro :)


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